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How does Hair Cream work to restore grey hair to natural looking color?
It provides color treatment that is natural. It stains the translucent keratin surrounding the colors in the hair cortex. Because the dye stains the outer layers of the hair shaft, treated hair shimmers red in the sunlight. The resultant color is a combination of Hair Cream, and you natural hair color. It also conditions and straightens the hair follicle.

How do I use Hair Cream?
Apply an adequate amount onto water-moistened hair and comb it through. Do this daily when grooming your hair. It will take 2-3 weeks upon application to restore hair to its natural color. It can be left on as hair conditioner. There is no need to rinse off.

Is Hair Cream like a hair dye or color? How does it differ from other hair dye products?
It is a natural hair dye, unlike chemical hair dyes is free from harmful chemicals like: PPD, Ammonia, Peroxide etc. which are the main chemical causing damage to your hair when you use chemical hair dyes. It colors hair by coating the hair shaft. It provides thickness to hair and stays as a semi-permanent color. The next application again does the same and results as increase in strength and shine to hair.

Will Hair Cream color wash off or run?
Depending on the texture and hair type, (an advantage of Hair Cream over chemical dye) with repeated washings, Hair Cream gradually fades; however as your hair grows out, there will be no obvious, tell-tale roots (unlike that of chemical dyes).

Is Hair Cream suitable hair cream suitable for Women?

Should I use Hair Cream if pregnant or nursing?
It is for external application of the hair only. It is contraindicated in those who are hypersensitive to the ingredients. There are no tests that have been conducted in pregnant or nursing individuals. For pregnant and nursing mothers, please seek doctors' advice.

Can Hair Cream be used over chemical tint?
In most cases, this is no problem. However, to make sure, you can do a strand test before using Hair Cream, to prevent an unpredictable and undesirable reaction occurring. In addition, if there is need to cover up new grey hair between permanent dye applications it is best to use Hair Cream, thereby allowing a longer interval before the next chemical dye treatment is required.

Is Hair Cream safe to use?
It is made up of a natural herbal blend of ingredients. It has been shown to be generally safe, with no reported side effects.

What are the ingredients contained in Hair Cream?
It is specially formulated with herbal blends :- Henna, Aloe Vera Extracts, Virgin Coconut oil, Olive oil, Jojoba oil and Pathenol.

What happen if I stop using Hair Cream?
With repeated washings, color gradually fades. However as you hair grows out, there will be no obvious, tell-tale roots.

Will swimming affect results?
In general, with repeating contact with chlorine, hair color usually fades out gradually. Continued application of an adequate amount of Hair Cream daily will help develop a richer, deeper color with each application.

Does Hair Cream help to condition the hair?
With the necessary ingredients contained in Hair Cream, it can be leave-on hair conditioner.


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