ANDRO® Cream For Men

"In the past, I had problems maintaining an er**tion. I thought my age was the problem - I am already 63. I decided to give Andro a try. After using Andro for 6 months, I found that I could be aroused very easily and er**tion was no longer a problem. I also found that I could easily have sex 3 to 4 times a week.

I have recommended Andro to some of my friends who had er**tion problems and their feedback - Good!

I will continue to use Andro."
S. C. Loh, 63, Singapore

"I started using ANDRO cream end of May 2008 upon recommendation from a friend. After using the cream for about 2 weeks I could feel the difference and continued using it until I have used up all the cream. It really enhanced my sexual life and made me feel as though I am 30 years younger although I am now 60 years old.

I have er**t*le problems for quite sometime and now it has given me new hope and better quality of life and I will continue to use this cream."
V. Yong, 60, Singapore

"MORNING GLORY is back (everyday)!! Hard rock solid. Did not manage to apply everyday but performance seem to improve after about 2 weeks (not too sure as only shoot once)…don’t know if it's normal, got this really horny feeling the next day after each application (get ‘hard on’ easily). Overall rating, 7.5/10, SO FAR SO GOOD"
Mr Tan, late 30s, Seng Kang (Singapore)

"Able to see the difference after the 3 days, after the fifth day, it fizzy out, back to normal, feel a kind of numbness thou, stop for one day came back on it again. Slightly improved feelings, with redness round it. Could support a full distance. I reckon about 10% more V power.. Vroom"
Mr Boh, mid 50s, Bedok (Singapore)

"Smoother in peeing process, better in performances and have a flag raising sensation when thinking of 'something good'."
Ah Lye, mid 50s, Hougang (Singapore)

"A new feel when I engage in sexual intercourse. Definitely getting my morning "get me ups" more regularly. Good stuff!"
Joe, late 40s, Ghim Moh (Singapore)

"Am diabetic, upon day two my pee was following real smooth which was a luxury I have not enjoyed for a long time. Will use it definitely."
Stanley, early 50s, Pasir Ris (Singapore)

"I do not know what to say because I have never felt this good for some time, I will use it!"
Mike, late 50s, Ghim Moh (Singapore)

"After using ANDRO for 1 week, I’ve noticed that my body seems to be warmer than usual, and it seems to keep me awake when I apply it at night after a warm shower. I suspected that it was the improved circulation and hence decided to use it in the morning instead to give me a good start for the day. For me, using it once a day in the morning gives me the vitality needed even at night!"
Accounts Manager, 53

"After using your cream for exactly 4 weeks, we found that the cream does help enhance vitality and endurance for my sexual life with my wife. I have had some er**tion problems for awhile and now with this cream, it has given me hope and confidence during our love-making with a firmer er**tion. On top of getting it (er**tion) back, I can even sustain it for a good half and hour now!"
Leo T, 58