Trans-Epidermal Delivery Technology
Trans-epidermal Delivery refers to the delivery of active ingredients across the outermost skin layer – stratum germinativum, through the next four layers of the epidermis, and finally to the dermis. This form of delivery is recommended for topical remedies as well as cosmetic or skin care products. This unique technology enables active ingredients to be well absorbed into the skin and to be “parked” within the skin layers to exert their effects in a localized and long-lasting manner.

Since our skin is largely lipophilic, most existing topical remedies rely heavily on the use of oil (triglycerides) as a means to carry ingredients into the epidermis (e.g. medicated oils and ointments). However, for topical cream / lotion remedies and cosmeceuticals, a more sophisticated combination of less oils and more moisture is required to reduce the oily feel. In general, a greater proportion of oil enables better absorption by the skin, but the form and texture of the product becomes compromised. The challenge is to use less oil but to still be able to deliver the active ingredients effectively.

Lynk Biotechnologies has developed a proprietary Trans-epidermal Delivery Technology that can load a high percentage of active ingredients within the right balance of oils and water to produce a cream or lotion that has a refined and non-oily texture.

In summary, Lynk Biotech’s Trans-epidermal Delivery Technology has the following unique properties:
  • Enables effective delivery of molecules into the skin
  • Consists of a high drug loading matrix
  • Enables high product stability
  • Enables non-greasy oil-in-water formulations
Lynk Biotech’s T-MAX Pain & Itch Relieving Cream is based on Trans-epidermal Delivery Technology. T-MAX Pain & Itch Relieving Cream is developed and manufactured in Singapore under stringent quality conditions.