JUMPSTART Instant Energy Cream
Testimonials - Adventure

"5 of us went trekking in Bell Mountain, Thailand. It was a 3 day trek. On the first day, we did not use JUMPSTART and 2 of us got very tired and shook after the 4 hours trek. We started using JUMPSTART after that.

The second day was a 22 km trek under muddy & rainy condition and third day we descended the mountain which was very tiring too. With the help of JUMPSTART, we were able to complete the last 2 days of trekking without much pain and aches. JUMPSTART gave our legs the extra push to go the distance. Below are the individual testimonials from my friends."

George Seet, 63, Singapore (Ang Mo Kio), 26 October 2010

From left: Poh Ling, Ng Yun Chin, Amanda Wong, Serene Tan, Choo Min Lee

"JUMPSTART helped a lot. My leg muscles almost cramp up on the first day (we didn’t apply that cream on that day), the second day after I applied the Jump Start Cream my legs were fine even after the 22km trek. I think if I didn't apply the Jump Start Cream my descend on the 3rd day will be a real torture for me; I can feel my muscles recover much faster than normal after that."

Ng Yun Chin, 37, Africa (Tanzania), 26 October 2010

"JUMPSTART works for me as I managed to trek down the mountain without severe muscle pain."

Amanda Wong, Age 34, Malaysia, 26 October 2010

"I like jump start cream which gave my tired legs the extra push to go the distance."

Choo Min Lee, 43, Malaysia, 26 October 2010
Serena Tan, 49, Singapore (Choa Chu Kang), 26 October 2010